About cleepr

What is Cleepr?

Cleepr is an easy way to search for music videos from your favorite artists. While Cleepr can boast about having millions of music videos, it's no means complete! Cleepr has an intelligent bot that can "glean" the music videos when there are very few results. So, Cleepr is a reflection of you and the collective passion and knowledge of these users (a sort of collective effort)

Cleepr is in beta version and will give you an idea of what to expect when it's complete to be useful online music discovery experience. Otherwise, I appreciate your thoughts and recommendations during this stage development.

Cleepr has no pretensions of being "the killer startup" or others.

Cleepr was launched in 2008 by RĂ©gis Gaidot

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DMCA Complaints

Cleepr aggregates content from around the internet. Cleepr does not host video content. If you have a copyright infringement complaint you can contact whichever of the companies the suspected.